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What do you do when you get your hands on a retired fleet of airline trollies? Turn them into mobile bars to “help make people’s dreams come true”, of course.

Chris and Byron are the creative duo behind Trolley’d, a portable bar hire service which embraces the values of sustainability, local produce and native, organic ingredients. Not forgetting, an ingenious way to breath new life into perfectly serviceable but unwanted airline trollies.

Starting off by selling organic lemonade at the Bondi local growers’ market, the duo quickly realised the importance of using produce from the surrounding area, because “it supports the local farmers, has minimal environmental impact and ensures that the produce we use is at its best,” says Byron. And they even close the circle by preserving anything that is leftover.

The boys even do a spot of foraging for native Australian ingredients to use in their cocktail creations, such as Lemon Myrtle Lemonade, which for them is a “no brainer”. The food that has managed to survive and thrive in harsh conditions for thousands of years not only have many nutritional benefits, “there’s awesome flavour and ]they are] fun to work with”, adds Byron. The goal is to “work towards a world where everything around us is edible and the big supermarket and pharmaceutical companies don’t dictate our decisions to consume”

Through Instagram, they were also able to tap into the #wildfood community where horticultural experts were able to share their wealth of knowledge of the wild berries and flowers the boys took snaps of. They also picked the brains of weed guru Diego Bonetto, also know as “The Weedy One”. His abundance of knowledge opened up the wild world of weeds and gave Trolley’d “an expanded spectrum of available products that we were able to use. Everywhere you look around and see weeds growing, the majority of them having useful properties, others we just don’t know their use as yet.”

And these values are not exclusive to the Trolley’d concept. Chris and Byron take their kids foraging with them and for Byron, when his two year old points out edible plants, “it’s awesome”. Even strangers get involved in their foraging sessions; “people walk past and ask what we’re doing, we give them a little information and get them to try the fruit that grows all around them.”



Trolley’d signature cocktail, Lemon Myrtle Lemonade

So, it may seem that Trolley’d tick all the boxes but there are still more ideas in the pipeline to take it as far off the grid as possible. Sugar is currently a big problem; “we grow loads of it in Australia but not organically, whereas it doesn’t make sense to get it shipped all the way from Brazil leaving a massive carbon footprint”, says Byron.

There may be lots of obstacles, but for the duo, it’s all about continually striving to improve and spread their message. “We’re learning loads along the journey and teaching others as we go along, we want to continue this, making as many people aware of the environment around them as possible. Take a little and give a lot, leaving enough for the next person.”

Chris and Byron have also shared their favourite concoction, Lemon Myrtle Lemonade, so you can recreate a little of the Trolley’d magic in your own home. Remember to source local, organic ingredients and you could even try your hand at a spot of foraging!

Lemon Myrtle Lemonade

Ingredients: lemon myrtle leaves, sugar, lemon rind, gin, sparkling mineral water

How to make it:

  1.      Pick lemon myrtle leaves, give them a wash, pour over 250ml boiled water, leave to steep.           
  2.      Peal the rind of 5 lemons, cover rind with 250g sugar, muddle then sit to rest. The sugar will draw out the lemon oil
  3.      Mix the myrtle tea with lemon sugar and strain.
  4.      Juice the lemons.                                   
  5.      Mix lemon juice (30ml), myrtle sherbet (30ml) & gin (30ml), shake with ice, dump all into a tall glass & top with sparkling water.
  6.      Garnish with myrtle leaf.
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