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Having the right safety and environment protection system is a must for every workplace. Reliable products from manufacturers such as Spill Station are dedicated to offering:

  • Sustainable solutions with a full suite of services and equipment that meets the requirement of any workplace
  • Full site audit to identify environment and safety compliance issues at the workplace and recommend practical solutions to rectify the same
  • Cost-effective solutions with the highest quality
  • Experienced team to train the staff for spill response training and scheduled maintenance

Understanding the products

Several products covered under Aus Spill Quality guidelines together form the complete workplace safety solution. Depending on the size and requirement of the workspace, a combination of all of the following products are required for optimum safety performance.

1 Spill Kits

A prompt response to any spill or leakage in a workplace required the right spill kit. One of the best ways to ensure the safety of the workplace is to have kits that follow the AusSpill product quality guidelines in terms of appearance, labelling, packaging and performance parameters. A good way to select the best kit is to check whether all the sorbent components are being tested independently. 

The spill kits vary according to the nature of materials used at the workplace. A wide range of industrial environments that require safety measures includes agri-business, bulk liquid transfer, factory, warehouse, re-fueling area, loading dock, Class 3 and 6 storage, etc. The standard types of spill kits are:

  • General Purpose Spill Kits
  • Hazchem Spill Kits
  • Lab & Medical Spill Kits
  • Spill Kit Refills
  • Oil & Fuel Spill Kits
  • Spill Trailers
  • Marine Spill Kits

For short-term projects, civil and construction applications, a great alternative to purchasing spill kits is to rent them from top companies such as Spill Station. It will ensure a tailored solution for the project as well.

2 Absorbents

Apart from controlling spills and leaks, industrial environments require cleaning general liquids and chemical absorbents. These absorbents are the perfect workplace safety companion to quickly contain spills and wipe down wet and oily surfaces.

The key feature of these absorbents is the ability to clean and soak liquids and chemicals with excellent fluid retention properties. The following are the absorbents that are used in various industries:

  • General Purpose 200/400 GSM Absorbent pads with handy dispenser box
  • General Purpose Organic Floor Sweep manufactured from coconut husk
  • Zeolite Mineral Sponge Absorbent Granules to cover a larger surface area
  • Organic and Poly General Purpose Absorbent Boom to block spills
  • Multi-purpose indoor absorbent to offer mopless cleaning solution

3 Spill Containment Pallets

Managing small leaks and drips from containers require constant cleaning and can mess up the floor area. The best way to control and contain such an issue is to get spill pallets that can catch leaks, drips and even drain it out. These pallets are made from a material that is UV, rust and corrosion-resistant. The size of these pallets varies largely on the number of containers to hold and the workspace area. The most common pallets that an industrial environment can benefit from are:

  • Spill Pallets that can be handled with forklifts. They have raised lips to protect the containers and drainage solution to dispose of leaks and spills
  • IBC Pallets are similar to spill pallets with the difference that these are designed to contain Intermediate Bulk Containers
  • Spill Decks are a great way to create a large storage area for containers 
  • Ramps are designed to match decks and pallets to provide access to trolleys for shifting of containers

4 Bunding

Another great way to store, handle and decant containers is to use a Bund. These are the secondary liquid containment area constructed to contain spills and leaks. These are spill-proof, tough and fire-resistant. Depending on the requirements the capacity and type of bund vary. The two main categories of bunds are:

  • Permanent Bund that is attached to the ground for permanent tanks, pallet racking and doorways. These are made of concrete, polyurethane and masonry
  • Portable Bund made from right polyethene or geomembrane fabric is used during transit, production and process areas. Collapsible bunds under portable type are preferred for transit due to their lightweight and flexible properties

5 Drum Handling & Decanting

One of the primary ways to avoid any spills and leaks on the floor area is to have the drums and containers handled in the right way. These can be either during transit or decanting. There are various ways in which the two can be effectively done.

To move the drums, the options are:

  • Multiple drums and small container trolley for efficient and easy transit within the workplace
  • Drum Dolly to transfer large-sided 30-litre drums
  • Bunded Trolley for easy transport of leaking or decanting drums
  • Drum Grab to lift a drum conveniently and securely

For storage purposes, the options are:

  • Stackable, Chemical-resistant Poly Rackers to store drums with sump and shelf that holds the drums in a horizontal position
  • Drum Overpacks to store drums that are leaking or has spill surface during decanting

During Decanting, industries and small workplaces can benefit from using:

  • Drum Funnel with/without a lid that has absorbent and chemical-resistant properties. This protects the drum from spills during the decanting process
  • Drum Topper is made from polyethene material with inverted conical design to protect the drum from all weather conditions
  • A multi-purpose Drum Cradle can store single drums and can be used for decanting to smaller containers and drums
  • Ingenious Safe Pour Dispensing Cradle is a great way to ensure workplace safety and protect the staff from manual handling during the decanting process

6 Drip & Storage Trays

Drip and storage trays are ideal for storing containers and drums that can contain any spill or drip. Depending upon their capacity, these can be used on shelves, benches or on the floor to catch drips on the ground. These trays also work as a safe space to contain spills during the decanting process or transferring liquids into smaller containers and bottles. 

The various types of polyethene drip and storage trays that match the need of various workplaces are:

  • Drip trays to hold smaller drums and containers
  • Drip and storage trays with a raised lip for added spill protection
  • Tuff Storage Tray to store drums, machine parts, batteries, etc.
  • Mini-Bund Spill Tray to store and block spills and leaks from containers and drums. These have broad chemical resistance and are ideal for housekeeping and spill control

7 Dangerous Goods Cabinet

Workplace safety measures require storing flammable liquids, corrosive substances, toxic chemicals, bulk storage liquids, organic peroxide, oxidising agent cabinets and much more. These hazardous chemicals and goods require special containment zones to ensure they do not hamper the safety of the staff. 

Depending on the type of chemicals and goods, the following cabinets are useful to store them:

  • Flammable Cabinets
  • Toxic Cabinets
  • Corrosive Cabinets made from Metal
  • Corrosive Cabinets made from Polyethylene
  • OutdoorDG storage
  • Emergency Information Container

8 Safety Shower/Eyewash

During chemical leaks and accidents, the safety of workers is ensured by having a safety shower and eyewash stations that can quickly remove contaminants from their clothing and body. Some of the key features of these products include:

  • Unbreakable valves made from fully 316 stainless steel material and glass-reinforced nylon lever
  • Heavy-duty glass reinforced moulded Spray Nozzle with cyclonic delivery conical spray profile
  • Semi-polished 304 stainless steel Piping
  • Modular design to provide maximum flexibility with optional fittings for eyewash, pedal, signage and lighting with safety shower

The different options available for workplace safety and shower are:

  • Portable, 12-nozzle decontamination shower unit
  • Indoor/Outdoor shower and eyewash station
  • Eyewash equipment with pedal and signage
  • Self-contained Eye bath, Portable Eyewash Station and Emergency Tank Shower

9 Gas & Aerosol Storage

Similar to chemicals and hazardous goods, aerosols require separate storage to ensure the safety of the workplace. The various storage units available are:

  • Aerosol Storage Cage to contain small and medium-sized cans
  • Forklift Gas Storage
  • LPG Cages 
  • G-Size Cages

10 Stormwater Protection

During stormwater and spills, on-site protection can be ensured using seals and drain guards. These are:

  • Stormwater Drain Seal that can stick and adhere to the drain for creating a positive seal
  • Flat Drain Guard that sits underneath the grate to remove sediments and up to 98% of hydrocarbons

11 Personal Protection

Workers handling extremely hazardous chemicals and dangerous goods require additional safety apart from the equipment. These can be easily provided with the help of durable, industrial-standard respiratory, eye and hand protection. Protective clothing with full face shield and splash goggles can help the handling of chemicals in lab areas.

12 Disposable Oil Water Filter

To ensure harmful oils and chemicals do not drain with the water, these filters can remove 99.8% of hydrocarbons (oil/fuel) form wastewater. It can also remove sediments from oily water. 

All these products require maintenance to ensure that the workplace remains safe every single day. You can go for scheduled maintenance that covers all equipment with a multi-point compliance checklist.



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