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Having plants at home is one of the aspects of interior designing trends that is rather popular all across the world. However, placing pots of plants in different parts of the house randomly will not help enhance the natural beauty of your house. You need to do so strategically and with a clear idea about plant placements.

There was a time when people used to keep live plants in their homes. However, it is usually seen that most of you lack the inability of keeping the real plants alive. Thus, came the trend of using fake plants in lace of the real ones. In the good old days, fake plants looked really fake. People could make out which ones are real and which ones are indeed fakes. However, in this modern era, differentiating between fake and real plants is a real challenge.

Fabric vs. Plastic Plants

Technology has advanced to an all-new level in this modern era. What was once easily understood as fake plants, look just like real today? These plants come with realistic colours, reflective properties, and texture. These features are normally found in plastic plants. Such effects are basically created with the help of moulds of real plants. There are also some plastic fake plants that are filled with foam to give about an ultra-realistic quality.

Even if you choose real plants for home d├ęcor, there are several varieties of real plants that look plastic even if they are not in reality. This is also one of the primary reasons behind more and more people opting for plastic fake plants to decorate their homes. One of the best examples of such plants is succulents. Even the real succulents appear as fakes. Thus, the fakes appear real to others.

Factors to Look for While Shopping for Fake Plants

Choosing artificial plants from for your home may not be as simple as it may appear to you. While shopping for fake plants, make sure to capitalize on the fact that makes artificial plants so popular. They simply mimic the appearance of some specific live plants. Always choose those fake plants whose real versions have that fake looks. Plants such as philodendrons, figs, aloe, snake plants, monster leaves, banana trees, and air plants will be good options for your homes.

You may also go for those fake plants that basically mimic the preserved varieties of various real plants. It is needless to say that preserved live plants are not actually alive anymore. One of the best choices in this category of artificial plants will be farmhouse-chic boxwood wreath.

Always stay away from those artificial plants that give off the impression of being especially gimmicky. For example, if the fake plant is sprinkled with artificial rain droplets, it simply means that it is asking for your attention. It may also happen that the finish of the plant is pretty glossy, which can easily make the fake plant look tacky. It will be better to focus on thoughtful details of the fake plants.



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