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In order to live, you need energy both inside your body and outside. There was a time when people used to consume energy drawn from non-renewable energy sources such as coal. However, ever since man understood his mistake, he switched to various other renewable energy sources such as hydro and solar. Talking about renewable energy sources, most of you know just about solar energy, wind energy and hydro energy. There is another source of renewable energy known as geothermal energy.

Just like solar energy, geothermal energy can also be installed for use in different homes. However, there are some points of differences between the two types of renewable energy sources in terms of their individual capability and suitability. Thus, before you decide to install a source of renewable energy for your home, better find out as much as possible about solar and geothermal energies.

There Is a Major Difference in the Way These Are Used

It is needless to say that both Gold Coast solar panels and geothermal energies are used to generate renewable and clean electricity. However, for the majority of the homes and commercial buildings, geothermal energy can only be used as a source of heating and cooling solution. On the other hand, solar energy can be used to generate electricity with the help of photovoltaic technology.

If you wish to save money on your monthly electricity bills, then you need to go with solar power. Although you may opt for a geothermal energy system for the heating and cooling needs of your home, it will fail to produce a sufficient amount of electricity to operate all the electronic appliances that you use at home.

Basics about Geothermal Energy

You probably know that there is a tremendous amount of heat that is trapped in the centre of the earth. This heat tends to radiate outward towards the surface of the planet in a gradual manner. This heat can easily be harnessed for energy. You can use geothermal energy in two primary ways: heat pumps and power plants.

When Is It Suitable to Use Geothermal Energy?

Although using geothermal energy to offset electricity usage is not possible, you can still use it for your heating and cooling purposes and save a big amount of money on electricity bills. If your house has a small-sized roof where installing solar panels is not possible, then you may consider going for a geothermal energy source for your heating and cooling requirements.

Opting for a geothermal energy system is also feasible for those of you who live in a region that is mostly covered with clouds or experiences a cloudy climate most of the time. Going for solar panels to power your electric climate control system at home may not be a good idea, since the panels will fail to receive a sufficient amount of sunlight most parts of the year.

Solar Is Sufficient to Power Your Heating and Cooling Systems

If you live in a city, then you may not be allowed to dig deep inside the ground to tap geothermal power. In such scenarios, using solar power is the best thing to do.




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