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A young and innovative not-for-profit organisation is vowing to ‘bring the sexy back’ into environmentalism and efforts to curb climate change.

Sustainable Table is asking Aussies to Give a Fork! this April – an initiative aimed at starting a collective conversation about how much we really know about the food we eat.

The not-for-profit believes the way we consume food (think takeaway coffee cups, lettuce bagged in plastic, double beef pattie burgers) contributes more to our eco-footprint than our transport and home energy use combined.

Meaning we’re wreaking absolute havoc on our climate.

So we’re being asked to take on one of the 30 Days to #Grexy (grexy / greksi / adj. used to describe a sexy or appealing person who is also a greenie) Challenges during the month of April.

Or – if you’re already a pro at ditching disposable cups and going meat-free – you can always dine at a participating restaurant or cafe and order the Give a Fork! special next month.

For more information, or to put your hand up to be involved, visit



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